Double Happiness




A double-take is the response you’ll come to expect when you enjoy Double

The beauty and craftsmanship of this double-handled blue and white
porcelain vase will never go out of style and will look beautiful in any setting.
What better way to gift the love of your life, or the new bride and groom, than
with the sincere wish of Double Happiness?

Like all true classics, this My Bud VaseTM transcends the boundaries of time
and style and adds a new twist to an old classic. She comes with a large
bubble bowl and an extravagant Magnolia arrangement.

Included in your Double Happiness My Bud Vase™
● Double Happiness Vase – H: 10.25 inches W: 5.25 inches
● Double Happiness Custom Slide – 9 millimeter 3.25″ large clear
bubble bowl
● Fixed Downstem
● Magnolia Flower Arrangement
● My Bud VaseTM tag & Certificate of Authenticity